Hernando Cortez

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Hernando Cortez


In 1518 Cortes was to command his own crew and expedition.It was funded by king Charels.His crew was made of 500 men and 11 ships. At last second Velazquez canceled it.Hernand ignored and set off to Mexico.On Febuary 1519 his crew hit the Mexico shore.


Dates of life: 1485-1547 country of orgin: Spain

Hernan's expedition was important to Spain.His discovery of the Aztec made spain rich in gold and also made Spain the biggest empire.

When Hernando got to the Aztec empire he found some angry natives and made an army to conquer the Aztec.In 1521 he conquered the Aztec completely.They destroyed all of thebAztec statues and books.After his victory he founded new spain.And returned home a hero.


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