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Hernando Cortez Pizarro

Hernan Cortes was to become the governor of New Spain, which is what his new territory was arrogantly called. He was constantly seeking to consolidate his power, increase his wealth, and put down his enemies. He also built Mexico City over the old Aztec Tenochtitlan. He sponsored exploration, the building of more cities, and the Roman Catholic evangelization of the native population. He also promoted the early sugar industry.

Important DiscoveryCortes and his men landed at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in April of 1519. He had 11 ships, around 500 men, some horses, and some cannon. He soon met a native woman named Dona Marina. Dona Marina spoke the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs and could help to interpret for Cortes.

Hernando Cortez


His full name is Hernando Cortez Pizarro.At the age of 14, his parents sent him to the University of Salamanca to eventually study law. But he wasn't happy at school, too restless to follow the rules. He did learn a little Latin, and became good at writing. After two years (failing his course) he returned home, but wasn't happy there either. As stories began to come in about the mysterious "New World", Hernan Cortez wanted to be a part of it.

About Hernando Cortez

Life In Spain

Born: 1485 in Medellin, Castile, SpainHernando goes away to study: 1499 Hernan was sent away to get a higher education. Historians believe he studied Latin and law.A voyage to the New world: 1504 Hernan decided to sail to the New World and make a life for himself there. He sailed to what is now Haiti.Spanish Take Cuba: 1506 Cortes worked with the governor of Hispaniola, who took Cortes on a conquest of Cuba. Cortes was rewarded with land and slaves.Died: December 2, 1547 in Castilleja de la Cuesta, Castile, Spain.

Where and when did he travel?Mexico was just newly discovered when Hernan Cortes was allowed to lead a small expedition to explore. The Governor actually changed his mind and cancelled the expedition, but Cortes went anyway on February 18th. It was 1519 - he would have been about 34 years old.

Important Facts - When he first arrived in Mexico, the Talascan Indians attacked him and his crew. Two of his men died and 800 Indians perished. - After one confrontation with the Indians, he discovered that a few thousand of them actually wanted to join him. - Hernando Cortes was very warlike and confronted Indians with weapons quite a few times during his travels. - On February 19, 1519 Hernando sets sail for Mexico with a force of six hundred men, and less than twenty horses.


Fun Facts 1.- My mom and grandmother told me most of these facts in my glog.2.- Like they told me that he was from spain and a bunch of other things, my grandmother told me where he went to school.


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