Hernando Cortes

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Hernando Cortes

Hernando Cortes gained his reputation for his courageous and daring nature in 1511 where he helped Diego Velazques conquer the island of Cuba. In 1518 Velazquez, who had become governor, made Cortes a commander of an expedition to Mexico. However before he set sail, Velazquez, cancelled Cortes' commisiion. Ignoring Velazquez, Cortes set out and then made an establishment known as Veracruz. Cortes' arrival in the Aztec capital of Tenochitlan coincided with an Aztec prophecy. Because of this prophecy Cortes was seen as a god, which explains why Montezuma II, the leader of the Aztecs, welcomed Cortes s easily. The relations quickly soured and Cortes took Montesuma hostage in fear of attack.When Montezuma died the Spanish were driven out of the city. In 1521 Cortes returned to Tenochtitlan which finally crumbled after a three month siege. Rising from the ashes was the new settlement of Mexico City. Once he gained control over the new city, Cortes inflicted great cruelty upon the Aztecs. In 1523 Cortes was named Captain general and governor of New Spain which would not last long. Fearing that Cortes was becoming too powerful the king demanded in 1528 that Cortes return to Spain. Once there Cortes was restrained to a captain general, and couldn't gain position of civil governor. Once back in Mexico Hernan continued to explore Central America eventually discovering California. In 1541 he returned to Spain where he retired in an estate near Seville. He died December 2, 1547.

Spanish Colonization: Hernan Cortes

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1)Born in the spanish town of Medellin and came from Spanish nobility. 2)Cortes named California.3)At 14 he was sent to law school but soon left to seek adventure and wealth.



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