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Hernan Cortez


Life-Born in 1485 in Medellin, Spain-Died in 1547 in Seville,Spain -62 years old

-1504: voyage to Haiti under command of Alonso Quintero -1506: voyage to Cuba -1519: voyage to Mexico -July 1519: took over Aztec Veracruz city-November 1519: took leader hostage-July 1520: kills leader-1521: takes over capitol

Important Dates

Then: Gained large portions on land for spain, defeated the large Aztec nationNow: Changed the culture of Mexico

-In 1521 Cortes returned to take over Tenochtitlan-After a 3 month siege the Aztec nation fell-He claimed the land for Spain creating a new settlement called Mexico city

Voyage to Mexico-Cortes persuaded Governor Diego Velazquez to make him the commander of the voyage to Mexico -Governor Valezquez canceled the expedition but Cortes went anyway

-The major civilization in the region was the Aztecs under the control of Montezuma II -Cortes landed in present day Veracruz, and started his three month journey to the capitol, Tenochtitlan-Thinking he was a god, they welcomed him-Cortes had other intentions, so he captured Montezuma II-April 1520, Velazquez sent men to capture Cortes-The Aztecs revolted and to quiet them, Cortes showed Montezuma to the crowd resulting in Montezuma's death-The Spanish were then driven out of the city

Aztec Nation

Why It Matters

The Return

-Caused a large smallpox plague that killed a large number of Aztecs-Many Aztecs were killed during the fight to conquer the Aztec nation

Contrary Opinion

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