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Hernan Cortes

Hernándo Cortés Pizarro was his real name. He was also born into a some what famous family. His father was captine of the Spanish army. Both his mom and dad have wanted them to become a lawyer so they sent him to school at age 14. Hernando wasn't really interested in becoming a lawyer and left school at age 16. He was more interested in discovering new worlds/land just like Christopher Columbus and gain fortune and fame. Cortes then left to discover a new world and landed in Hispaniola in the city of Santo Domingo. Cortes and Velazquez later on conqured Cuba. Velazquez helpes Cortes rise into power. He then became wealthy and powerful and was wealty figure in cuba. Cortes then was givin an expedition to the mainland of Mexico. Cortes always wanted to do this and he took that advantage even when Velazquez told him at the last minute because he was affraide that Cortes would gain more power then he has.


1484-Hernan Cortez is born,Medillin Spain.1519-Feb.18 Cortes sets sail from Cuba to Mexico.1520-In May, Cortes and his men defeat a large Spanish army, comamnded by Panfilo de Narvaez, which had arrested cortes.July 1, Cortes had been driven out of Tenohtitlan and many Spaniards die during the Night of Sorrows. On July8, Cortes and his army deafted a large group of Aztec Warriors sent to persue the Spainiards.1521- On August 13, Cortes and his army along with their Mexican allies go to tenochtitlan and capture the Aztec leader.Cuauhtemoc, who was trying to escape in a conoe.Tenochtitlan surrenders to the Spainards.1547- December 2, Hernan Cortes dies in Spain at the age of 63. 1567- Cortes dies

Cortes and Diego Velazquez de Cuellar had conquered Cuba. It was a successful journey too. Cortes was appointed clerk to the treasure.in 1518, Cortes was made captine General of an expedition in which gave him more power and money.

Lasting Impact

Heranado Cortes had an impact on the world by, defeating the Aztec Empire. If Cortes didn't defeat the Aztec's part of the world today would be very different.


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Hernan Cortes




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