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Hernan Cortes

I was born in 1485 in Medellin, Spain. I went to the University of Salamanca 1499 though I got bored of school so I quit early and returned home early. I wanted a life of adventure. My parents didn’t want me to stay at home so they agreed to give me money for the trip. I set sail in 1504 at the age of 19 for the first time. I wanted to go to Mexico after seeing all the people that come home with their pockets full of gold. I went for all the gold that I saw.

What I was lookin for...

I was sponsored by Spain and I was looking for gold, silver, and I wanted adventure. I also wanted to conquer Mexico for their gold. I soon set sail to find the Aztecs for their gold. When we found the Aztecs we marched straight into their capital city and we attacked and took all their gold.

What I found...

When I got Mexico I marched strait into their capital city. They thought that I was a god and they sent me gold to make me leave. Before I left the emperor invited me into his palace and I took him prisoner back into my own land for 6 months. The gold that they sent me made me greedier so I went back with more men to get more gold. When I set sail at shore I burned my ships to show my men that there is no turning back. I realized that the Aztecs were starved and they had smallpox, a European disease. We started to have a war but I finally did end up beating them. My men and I stole all their gold and left.


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Hernan Cortes

My Early Life

My Dates of Explorations

My Exploration Routes

In early 1504 I boarded a SPanish ship and set sail to the New WorldIn 1519 I set sail to conquer Mexico for the gold and silver.

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