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Hernan Cortes

Amazing Conquistador:Hernan Cortes

LifeHernan Cortes, full name Hernando Cortes Pizzaro Marquez del Valle de Oaxaca, was born in 1485 in the kingdom of Castille. The kingdom is in Madellinm Spain. He went to college in Salamanca University, in Madrid. First he studied law. He failed all his classes in college. Then, he became a Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztec Empire and claimed Mexico, Baja California, La Paz, for Spain. When he was coming back to Spain, He died in 1547 by Pleurisy which is a disease that causes pain in breathing and other diseases in the chest or abdomen.

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Legacy:Spain sent him on a voyage to expand Spain. He conquered the Aztec empire. He burned his ships (11) so the 600 men he brought with him would not escape from the war against the aztecs. He was then called the greatest conquistador that Spain ever had in that time.


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