[2015] Carly VanWatermulen: Hernan Cortes

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[2015] Carly VanWatermulen: Hernan Cortes

Hernan Cortes

In 1518, Cortes was in command to set out on his expedition to Mexico, but Velazquez cancelled it. Cortes ignored the orders of Velazquez and set sail to Mexico with more than 500 men and 11 ships. In 1519 they had reached the Mexican coast.

Hernan Cortes was born around 1485 in Medellin, Spain. He came from a lesser noble family but, he was able to study at the Univerisity of Salamanca for a bit of time. In 1504, Cortes left Spain to look for a way to find the New World. He first traveled to the island of Hispanola and settled in a new town of Azua. Here, Cortes served as a notary more many years and later joined Diego Velazquez in an expedition to Cuba.

Early Life

The Voyage

Conquering the Aztecs

Once Cortes reached Mexico he became allies with some of the native people, but with others he used deadly force to conquer Mexico. He fought and defeated several warriors and set his eyes on taking over the the Aztec Empire.

Cortes marched to Tenochtitlan, the Aztec captial city and home to the ruler Montezuma II. Cortes took him hostage while his soldier raided the city. Cortes then left the city after learning that Spanish troops were out to arrest him for the trouble he had caused

The Battle


After facing the Spanish troops, Cortes decides to return to the capital city and rebel. The Aztecs drove them out of the city, but Cortes returned again to defeat and take the city in 1521. King Charles I of Spain honored him for his doing and appointed him governer.


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