Hernan Cortes

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Hernan Cortes

Hernán Cortés was relentless in battle. He even fought and killed spanish troops sent to arrest him after he arrived in Mexico. Cortes was ultimately the destroyer of the Aztec Empire. Their capital destroyed and their people defeated, this was just one way Cortes changed the world.

Cortes was not the greatest person in the world. He didn't really do philanthropic work or community service. He changed the world by destroying an empire while introducing the Spanish culture and government. He lead the way for many more Spanish colonies in the Americas. This was his deed for the world. Cortes wasn't necessarily a completely bad man but his methods surely don't help his case. Either way, today we know that Cortes changed the world in a way that helped shape it into what it is today. Culture mixed between two great Empires and an impression left in Mexico that would never fade.

Hernán Cortés

Cortes was born in 1485. As a teenager, his parents sent him to school to learn law. Little did his parents know that learning was not for him. Cortes was destined to go to Mexico and become one of history's most famous Conquistadors. The things he did in Mexico changed a lot of things about the culture. He introduced the Spanish and Native cultures and even brought a little religion with him. As the years went by, Cortes spread through Mexico like a plague. In speed, he was unrivaled. His renown speed in attack and strategy actually saved his life on many occasions. Eventually, the Spanish Empire began to wonder what motives Cortes had and suspected him of being loyal only to himself. The Spanish established new government in Mexico, in which Cortes had a position. When the Empire took this position with him, they sealed his eventual fate. He tried to hold on to what territory he could, but decided to go back to New Spain. Trying to endeavor on several expeditions, Cortes ultimately failed. He eventually he went on an Expedition to the Algiers that he would never survive. Had he been consulted, Cortes could've lived from that expedition, but it was not meant to be. He died of pleurisy on December 2nd in 1547.

Here is a statue of Hernán Cortés that is located in Medellin where he was born in 1485

Many believe Cortes was purely a cruel man. In reality, he tried to be kind. In violence, yes, Cortes was cruel to a fault. He even tried to ransom officials who he thought to be important, but were of meager position at best. On the battlefield, it was not hard for Cortes to take over a village. His speed in strategy and attack was a benefit to this. However one looks at it, Cortes was a man who knew when to use force and then not to. As the years went by, however, this line seems to blur in Cortes's mind. His Empire turns on him and basically takes all his power. Cortes would never be the same.


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