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Speciality ' Roman Name

A famous myth about Hermes is he created the first lyre witch is our modern day guitar but he used a turtle shell as the body.

Important Details

Parents. Zeus and Maia

When he was a little boy he liked to steel things he stole 50 animals from his brother Another interesting fact is he liked to pull pranks on people and Steel things from people for example when his brother was not looking he stole his bow and arrow and he did not notice until 2 hours later. He saved his father from the preathiny beast.

Physical Description

Physical description he always wore a winged helmet, winged shoes, had green eyes, a cape, and a staff.


Temple, Teri. Hermes God of Travels and Trade. Mankato,Mn: The Childs World, 2013. Print.

God NameHermes

Famous Myth

Family Tree

He is the God of travels and trade, athletics, music, and thievery roman name is Mercury.


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