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Heritage trail

the industrial - ...the industrial factory which is on the south-west side of the beacon, helps generate revenew for singapore. however, it also gives out air pollution. it may be good for singapore but bad for the enviroment. - ...

Heritage Trail

there was a sculpture like object. it is called "Wonders of the Wind". it points where the wind move. the direction of the wind was on the North-West.

This is the local map!

a shelter was placed at the top of the natures path. the height of the shelter is 4.5m

through this geography trail, i learnt new things like how to find the height estimation for things like tree. i also labrador park a clean and green place especially for tourist to view the nice scenary.lastly. i discovered that all my team members were very caring toward one another and i hope to work together in the same gruop next time

the grid bearing of the jetty is 210 degrees.

i think that the heritage trail is very enriching. i have learnt new things such as finding the grid bearing using the compass and the map. the senior is also very friendly and helpfull with the trail. the heritage trail has thought us to use the skill in our daily life. i also learn that my groupmates can be very active in thid kind of activity. i had a lot of fun doing the trail with them and i hope we will be in the same group again next time.

i think that the geagraphy trail is enriching and fun at the same timeas we get to learn how to use the compass, we could use the compass for our daily life. for example, using the compass, we could use the compass such that if we are lost or we need to find direction to our destinetion. we also learnt how to go to a certain destination by using the grid bearings stated on the map of the whole area and we could use that as our day-today basis too. i also manage to learn my friend strengths and weaknesses. some of them did not have the strengths to go up the slope of the hill. so, i started pursuing them and encouraging them to walk up so that they will feel motivated

i think the geography trail is fun and enjoyable. i find it necessary as we learn how to find and spot te certain place in the map. after the trail, my knowledge in map reading improve in grid bearing. the instructors are fun and they organized the trail. every enjoyable. hence, i hope there will be more of this event in the future.

i felt that the geo trail was fun and interesting.it was memorable as it was tiring though fun to learn more new things. at first, i did not really know about the geography trail but than slowly, i learn more than the topic. friends like iman shows me how we suppose to do the walking and the working itself after every new things. having jokes around was fun even though it was a hot and tiring day. i learnt about the measurment of the distance that we walk from the starting point to the end.

i felt that it is enriching experience to go for the geo trail. it was tiring but a memorable one to be in my mind.at first, i was so blank in doing the worksheet and confused too. with the help from the seniors and friends, i achieve to know more about map reading and many others.having fun and with the sweltering heat in labrador park has been a challange to keep up. successfully we did it.

i think it was enrichig. although it was tiring to climb up the hill, we did persevere to finish it. in the process of going down by the stairs, it was also very tiring as there are a lot of stairs to go, and there are also big spider webs. which some of us are terrified of. overall, i think that we get to know more about the labradorpark, using geography. we also know about the facilitators well. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FRIENDLY AND FUN.

there is a place called "The Wall of the Brick". It wass build in 1886 and the road was built from the land wardside in 1892.

there is a seawall at the side of the land. its function is to prevent soil erotion









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