Heritage Trail @ Changi Airport

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Heritage Trail @ Changi Airport

Heritage Trail @ Changi Airport

The ketupat shown above is a diamond-shaped rice dumpling wrapped over with a woven coconut leaf pouch. The ketupat is usually eaten with the Rendang, a rich gravy of coconut milk and spices with meat.

Greenery display of Eld-ul-Fir(Muslim festival of Hari Raya Aidifitr

The leaf of the Pandan is used to flavour and colour Malay dishes and desserts. Sometimes, the pandan is sliced very finely to make Malay Potpurri, a mixture of dried petals and spice used as perfume

The leaves and shell of the coconut is used to make household items, utensils and construction materials.The coconut flesh is used to make RendangThe coconut juice is used to make liquors and vinegar

Golden Mokara

Golden Shower Orchids

Yellow and gold is an auspicious colour to the Malays. That is why these flowers are used in the display

The songket shown is a traditional Malay brocade cloth, worn during special occasions and festivals. It is usually hand-woven in silk or cotton and patterned with gold and silver threads.

The Changi Airport mural shown above measures 4m by 2m and is made up from 115200 pieces of 1 by 1 lego bricks. It was created by the public and tourists under the guidance of Nicholas Foo. The mural depicts the three main airport terminals and the iconic control tower.

The kinetic rain is the latest Changi Airport’s collection of art installation and display. Consisting 1216 bronze water droplet sculpture weighing 180 grams each, the kinetic rain sculpture can produce 16 different shapes. It measures 9.8 metres by 4 metres

The daisy is a propeller resembling a flower. It represents the tropical richness of Singapore’s flora


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