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Here i am

He's my dog! His name's Strike. He's 3 years old and he's very sweet but stubborn too. I like playing with him!

I love watching movies! I don't have a single favourite movie but my favourite actress is Jennifer Lawrence and my favurite actor is Jim Carrey.

In my free time i like surfing in Internet or reading a book. I have many books because i love read but my favourite is the Hunger Games trilogy. I like spending time with my friends and going out with them!

I attend the first year of high school and then i'm going to go to the university. I honestly don't know what i'll do after school, but i'd like to find a great job, found a nice man and get married.

Hi, I'm Ale :)

I love listening to music after do my homework. I listen many singers, but my favourite are One Direction. They are five english boys. I love them!

Hey! My name is Alessia! I'm 15 years old. I was born in Puglia on 26th of May. I lived in Rome for two years but now I live in Chiaravalle with my family. I'm tall and thin, i've long brown hair and brown eyes. I'm sociable, generous and a little lazy. My biggest dream is that one day i'm going to travel around the world !

My Class !!

in Rome with my friends!



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