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Hercules is known as one of the most powerful demigod and he is also known as being the son of Zeus. As a baby, Hera (Zeus' wife) placed snakes in his crib because she wanted Hercules dead. Surprisingly, Hercules strangled the snakes and killed them as you see in the picture below. As Hercules grows into an adult, he herded cows and one day a huge lion attacked his cows. Surprisingly again, he killed the lion with his own hands. Later on Hercules marries Megara and they start to have children. Hera was enraged about it so much that she tells Hercules that his children are snakes, then Hercules kills the snakes. He then realizes that the snakes were his children and feels shameful for what he did. To recover from the guilt he had, he went to King Eurystheus, and was told that he had to complete Twelve Labors. King Eurystheus told him that if he were to complete the labors, he would not be guilty of the killing of his children.

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Twelve Labors that Hercules Completed1. Kill the Namean Lion2. Kill the Lernean Hydra3. Capture the Cerynian Hind4. Capture the Erymanthian Boar5. Clean the Augean Stables6. Kill the Stymphalian Birds7. Capture the Cretan Bull8. Capture the Horses of Diomedes9. Take the Girdle of the Amazon Queen10. Capture the Cattle of Geryon11. Take the Golden Apples of the Hesperides12. Capture Cerebus


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