Herbert's Worm-Hole

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Herbert's Worm-Hole

Herbert's Worm-Hole starts up in main characters Herbert Slewg, Alex Filby and Sammi Clementine's boring old neighborhood.


Author: Peter Nelson

Herbert's Worm-Hole

Name: Joshua Cormack Period: 4, Thalheimer

Alex and Herbert don't realize it at first but they have entered the future! When they arrive a pizza place that has flying tables and robotic chefs they realize that Herbert's machine had in fact worked. They are then joined by Sammi who they are surprised to see. After they re-unite with Sammi they encouter evil aliens, the aliens want to capture them.

It starts up the action when Alex Filby's einstein neighbor makes a time machine and uses Alex's videogame suits to activate it so they can go to the future. Sammi soon follows by putting on a suit and falls into the portal.


Rising Action

Falling Action



The Action all dies down when they eventually escape the evil aliens and try to find a way to fix the future so there are no evil aliens and get home.

Sammi, Alex and Herbert escape to their present time and go to Herbert's father research lab and find a alien life form just like the ones in the future and tell Herbert's father that it must be destroyed at first, Herbert's father didn't believe it but they proved by breifly taking Herbert's father to the future, then Herbert's father agrees to destroy it.

The conflicts are man vs. man and man vs. self.The confict man vs. man is Sammi, Alex and Herbert fighting off the aliens and saving the future. The conflict man vs. self is Herbert trying to decide if he is a great scientist like his father. But when he makes the time machine, his father says he is a better scientist than even he is.

Herbert's Worm-Hole

Fun Fact:Herbert's Worm-Hole has 293 pages and 38 Chapters!

CitaionsBook Picture:http://bks0.books.google.com/books?id=MPwX0pvyUhQC'printsec=frontcover'img=1'zoom=1'edge=curl'imgtk=AFLRE72VNpZZ6v6aFbw9l5xJtYZyz9uVIy6J5xoAYjCLOWLeicMVkKcjmlsUN3vxuD9pyy4tAwODvZdasCdCyvqcUNZaKWJygZsD1U6fZeni1lX6X1kgCVZlgMZnP2WFNNuhNqhEaURCFacts taken from:Herbert's Worm-Hole, written by Peter Nelson, illustrated by Rohitash Rao


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