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Herbert C. Hoover

Herbert C. Hoover has many different nicknames. A few of them are: The Hermit Author of Palo AltoBertThe Great EngineerThe Grand Old ManThe ChiefThe Great HumanitarianFriend of Helpless ChildrenThe Man of Great Hear

Social/Domestic Policy Programs

1921-1923: Secretary of Commerce 1923-1928: Secretary of Commerce1929-1933: President of the United States

- Federal Farm Board(passed in the Fall of 1929): allows farmers to get federal grants to boost their incomes.- Revenue Act of 1932: Sales without tax.



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Herbert C. Hoover


Political Positions

Interesting Facts

31st President

Herbert C. Hoover was born on August 10, 1874. His religious beliefs are a Quakers. He was from the Republican Party. His wife, Lou Henery Hoover gave birth to two sons, Allan and Herbert Jr. He went to Stanford University from 1891-1895 and went to George Fox University.

Foreign Policy Program

- Hoover-Stimson Doctrine: America will not recognize terrorism

- He had a pet opussom. - Approved to have "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem.- His hobbie was practicing with a medicine ball for 30-minutes everyday.



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