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Heracles (or Hercules) was an epic hero in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus and Alcmene.

Andy LiMs. Hargis3/3/15Block 4


Heracles is most prominent for his extraordinary, god-like strength as a mortal, as he is the son of Zeus. He was a demigod who was compelled to perform a series of dangerous, but heroic tasks, to amend his commitment to crime. There were twelve tasks he had to do.

During Heracles' early childhood, his mother raised him like any other ordinary child. As an infant, Heracles caught a couple of snakes in his crib and strangled them to death.

The snakes were snucked in by Hera, Zeus' wife, as a revenge for his affair with another woman.

When Heracles grew older, he went to live in the hills, where he worked as a cattle herder. When he reached the age of eighteen, he encountered a lion, in which it attacked his herd. Hercules then killed the lion with his bare hands.

By the time Heracles became a full grown man, he married a princess named Megara. They had a family and lived on a happy life. When Hera found out about this, she became enraged. And so she tricked Heracles into thinking that his family was a group of snakes. He murdered all of them, only realizing that they were not. He wanted to get rid of guilt and so, as a punishment for his "crime", he was given an order by the king to performed the twelve tasks.

1. Slay the Lion of Nemea2. Slay the Lernean Hydra3. The Golden Hind 4. The Boar of Erymanthia5. Clean the Augean Stables6.Slay the Stymphalia Birds7. Bull of Crete8. Mares of Diomedes9. Hippolyta10. The Cattle from 11. The Apples of Hesperides12. Cerberus

The 12 Labors


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