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Speciality ' Roman Name

One famous myth about Hera is she turned one of Zeus' wives into a cow.

Important Details

She is Zeus' wife. They had four children together. Her son, Ares, was the God of war and his parents didn't like him. Their first daughter, Hebe, the goddess of youth. Their youngest kid, a daughter Eilethiya, is the goddess of childbirth. Hera and Zeus had another son together, but they hated him so Hera threw him off Mt. Olympus. Her siblings are Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, and Hestia.

She raged a lot. She got revenge on Zeus' other wives. She was the most powerful goddess in Mt. Olympus.

Physical Description

Hera has black, long hair and blue eyes.


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HeraBy: Dominick Marshall

Famous Myth

Family Tree

Juno is Hera's roman name. Hera's specialty is she is the goddess of marriage.


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