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To the Romans, Hera was known as Juno. Her name was given to the month of June, which became her sacred month. June is still a very popular month for weddings.


Hera was the queen of the Olympians. She was also goddess of marriage and royalty. Hera was the wife of Zeus…and also happened to be his sister.

Zeus once had a son with a mortal woman, and Hera was furious. After a failed attempt to kill the boy, Hera did her best to torment the now legendary hero throughout his life, particularly by forcing him to complete twelve impossible labors. The hero’s name was Heracles (known to the Romans as Hercules). Zeus named his son “Heracles” which meant “gift to Hera”…but Hera didn’t see it that way.

A nymph named Echo once distracted Hera from finding her wayward husband, Zeus. Furious, Hera punished the poor nymph, dooming her to only be able to repeat the words that others said to her. Echo became an outcast, and hid herself in caves. To this day, you can still hear Echo calling back to you from deep inside her cavernous home.

Hera had a guardian named Argus. Argus had one hundred eyes, and was the ever-watchful protector of the goddess. When Argus was killed, Hera placed his eyes on the feathers of her peacock, which is where they can be seen to this day.