Hera/Juno the Supreme Godess

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Hera/Juno the Supreme Godess

Hera is the wife of the powerful Zeus. During her childhood, she was raised by the Titans Ocean and Tethys.She is described as being born on either the island of Samos or Argos.She is not only Zeus's spouse, but also his sister. Cronus was her dad and Rhea was her mom.She didn't have many childhood friends. However, she became close to the people who she helped.She has the power to change forms and appear invisible to others at her will.


Because of her power to change form, she was disguized as a cuckoo bird when she was conquered by Zeus, making a common symbol of her the Cuckoo Bird.As she is a goddess patron of childbirth, she is also symbolized by a pomegranate fruit.There are also many minor symbols such as the peacock (symbolizing luxury), the scepter, the diadem, the lily, the cow, the orange tree, the apple tree, the willow, and the fig.

Who Was She?

Hera (Greek), also known as Juno (Roman), was the Goddess of Marrige.


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Hera/JunoThe Supreme Godess


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