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Hephaestus was so ugly when he was born, that Hera threw him off Mt. Olympus. He fell for almost a day until he was rescued and cared for by the ancient Sintians. Other legends say that he was rescued and cared for by the sea nymph Thetis and the goddess Eurynome.

Hephaestusgod of Fire and Metalworking

It is said that Zeus arranged for Hephaestus to marry Aphrodite, the goddes of beauty, to prevent a war among the male gods over Aphrodite. Hephestus was so ugly that he did not seem like a real threat to the other gods.

Hephaestus designed Athena's shield and armor, Zeus' lightning bolts, and Achilles' armor among the many things he crafted for the gods and men.

Hephaestus was the god of fire and metalworking in ancient Greek mythology. He was the son of Hera and Zeus, and was Aphrodite's husband. His symbols were fire, an axe, a pincer, and a hammer.


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