Hepatitus B

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Hepatitus B

Hepatitius B

Control Measures If you are experiencing any of the symtoms listed, and you think you may have hepatitus B speak with a healthcare professional about getting tested. Its the only way to know. A doctor will help provide further steps to take in case of infection. If you are free from this illness, vaccination is suggested along with frequent hand washing, and the use of universal precautions when handling any bodily fluid.

Symptoms of HBVLoss of AppetiteNauseaVomittingAbdominal PainJaundiceDark UrineFatiqueFeverJoint PainDiarrheaSymptoms have a slow onset while some people experience no symptoms at all. According to our textbook (Health Safety & Nutrition for the Young Child, 9th edition) there is an incubation period associated with the disease which is from 45 days to 180 days with an average incubation period being for 60-80 days. This means that it may take up to at least 45 days for any symptoms to develop.

There are two types of HBV: Acute and Chronic. From the onset of the disease up until six months after having acquired it, HBV is refered to acute HBV. During this time the immune system is fighting off the disease. Acute HBV does not require treatment since the immune system does all the work. In cases when the immune system has not successfully illiminated the virus within six months, it is refered to as chronic HBV.

What is Hepatitus B?Hepatitius B is inflamation of the liver caused by a virus that attacks the liver. It's a blood-borne illness described as a " noncrytopathic virus- which means that the virus itself does not cause direct damage to the liver cells. Instead...the immune systems aggressive response to the virus" is what leads to inflammation to the liver (hepatitus) (quote from Hepmag.com article: Hepatitus B: The Basics). Hepatitus B (HBV) can go on to damage genetic cells, and other parts of the liver- causing cirrohsis of the liver, or cancer.

Transmition is either by:Sexual ContactDrug NeedlesOther Drug Paraphenelia Child BirthHBV is present in an infected persons blood, semen, and/or vaginal fluids.


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