Hepatitis B

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Hepatitis B

Fast Facts: -Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver and can cause death-It's a major health problem that appears around the world-Hepatitis B is curable and there is a vaccine for it-This viral infection can be transmitted by blood or body fluid from a victim that is infect with this virus

Statistic:-In 1980's there were about 260,000 infection (America)-In 2003, there was about 73,000 infections (America)-The highest risk of getting Hepatitis B are from the ages from 20 to 49-The overall death from Hepatitis B virus is 1 percent-In the world, there are about 2 billion people infected (1 out of 3 people)-In the world, there are 10 to 30 million people that are infected each year-About every minute, two people die from this infection- Most death occur in South East Asia becuase 37,000 people died from this virus compared to other countries

Countries that are harmed:-China-South America-Some parts of Middle East-Some parts of Africa-Lower side of Asia

Symptons, Treatments, Preventions, & Dangers:-Yellow skin or eye-Dark Urine-Extreme tireness-Vomitting-Muscle and bone aches-Serious condition will lead to death-Take HPV vaccine, 3 dose -Stay away from dirty places, unprotected sex, and any contacts with a victim with this virus

Hepatitis B

Linear Model: -6817.857X+13723247.62 R^2: .956 Quadratic Model: 134.696X^2-545602.602X+552505478 R^2: .961Exponential Model: (1.823*.921)^X R^2: .956

Average Quadratic Residual:Years Outbreaks L3 L41993 144000 138604.318 5395.682 1994 133000 130775.405 2224.5951996 112000 114445.767 -2445.7671997 110000 106685.038 3314.9621998 109000 99193.699 9806.3012000 81000 85019.2 -4019.2 Total Avg: 2379.423

The best model was the quadratic equation because the correlation coefficient was the closest to 1 and the lowest residual is the "expreg".

Average Linear Residual:Years Outbreaks L3 L41993 144000 135258.334 8741.6661994 133000 128440.478 4559.5221996 112000 114804.763 -2804.7631997 110000 107986.905 2013.0951998 109000 101169.048 7830.9522000 81000 87533.334 -6533.334 Total Avg: 2301.190

Average Exponential Residual:Years Outbreaks L3 L41993 144000 146034 -20341994 133000 134518 -15181996 112000 114139 -21391997 110000 105138 48621998 109000 96848 121522000 81000 82176 -1176 Total Avg: 1691.167

I predict that by year 2887, Hepatitis B virus would shrink down to 1 infection per year. However, it'll rise back again over sometime and drop back down. I used a calculator to find that prediction by using the quadratic model. I typed the equation in and asked the calculator to help me find the time of when this virus nearly disappears.


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