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Henry's freedom box

Henry's Freedom BoxBy: Ellen Levine

ConnectionsText-to-Self:Would you be able to remain silent for the 27 hour trip to freedom?Text-to-World: Are their places in the world today where people are treated unfairly?

Henry's Freedom Box is the true story of a boy's journey from slavery to freedom. Henry was born a slave. One day he was sent away from his family to work in a factory. He met a slave girl and they were allowed to marry. They had several children and were allowed to live together. Then, one day his wife and children were sold. Henry knew he would never see his family again and vowed to be free. He came up with the idea to mail himself north inside a crate. With the help of two friends, he was packed inside a crate and embarked on the 27 hour trip north. When he reached Philidelphia, he was unpacked a free man and given two things he had never had - a birthday and a middle name.

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Connection to Social Studies HistoryThis book connects to the history theme of social studies by givingus a glimpse into the life of a slave and how some of them escapedto freedom on the Underground Railroad.

Connection to Social Studies CultureThis book connects to the culture theme of social studies by allowing us to see the culture of slavery in the south. It shows how slaves and their families were treated, their work conditions, and how they were bought and sold at slave auctions.

Text - to - Text ConnectionsHere are a few other books about the Underground Railroad.- January's Sparrow By: Patricia Polacco- Almost to FreedomBy: Vaunda Micheaux Nelson- The Patchwork PathBy: Bettye Stroud

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