Henry's Freedom Box

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Henry's Freedom Box

Henry Brown doesn’t know his age because nobody keeps a record of the slaves’ birthdays. Henry would dream about freedom but when he was taken from his family to work in a warehouse, that dream seemed to get further away. Henry grew up and got married but then one day his family was sold at the slave market once agian, leaving him alone to work. As he is working one day, he realizes what he has to do to become free…he has to mail himself to the North in a crate. Will Henry finally get his freedom?

About the book

About the Author

Ellen Levine was born in New York City on March 9, 1939. She passed away on May 26, 2012. She won many awards and honors for her books, including the Jane Addams Peace Award and Coretta Scott King Award. Even though she enjoyed writing both fiction and nonfiction, most of her books for young readers have been nonfiction. She worked in film and television, taught adults and immigrant teenagers in special education and ESL programs, and served as a law clerkship with Chief Judge Joseph Lord, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. She devoted her time to writing, lecturing, and teaching. She was on the faculty of Vermont College's MFA program in writing for Children and Young Adults. (http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/contributor/ellen-levine)

Henry's Freedom Box

Author: Ellen LevineIllustrator: Kadir Nelson

Glog by:Liz Mullen


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