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Henry Woodward

Henry was born into a family in Toronto in Canada with an older sister and then later two younger brothers. When Henry was in medical school(he wanted to be a doctor) he met Mathew Evans' the two became partners and they invented the first incandesant lightbulb. The reason for this was after Henry saw a spark he said, "now if we could keep it going for a long time"But unfortunately, Evans and Woodward did not have enough money to back-up their new as well as people saying "who needs a piece of glowing metal?" invention and so they sold it to Thomas Edison who now gets all the credit for all the hard work of Mathew and Henry.

A Few Facts

November 24 1832-Henry is born in Toronto, CanadaJuly 14 1874-Henry and Evans filled a patent for an incandesant light bulbAugust 3 1874-The patent was granted as Canadain patent no. 3,738September 6 1921-Henry Woodward died

Lasting Impact

Henry and Mathew invented the first "incandesant" light bulb or "electric light bulb"


The websites that helped me the most- http://myhero.com/hero.asp?hero=H_Woodward_LC_fieldcrest_es_CA_2011_ul- www.youtube.com- http://people.canadiancontent.net/sci-tech/

Henry Woodward



A video about Henry Woodward

The Incandesant Light BulbNo, you are wrong. Thomas Edison was not the inventor of the light bulb! Henry and his friend Mathew Evans did!

FACTS*Mathew Evans(he helped Woodward invent the lightbulb) was actually the doorrman of the hotel Mr.Woodward was staying at. They soon became close friends!*Thomas Edison was not the actual inventor of the lightbulb, it was actually Evans and Woodard but they gave their invention to Edison beacause they did not have enough money to back up their new invention*He was canadian*They invented the first lightbulb at the Morrisons Brass Foundry in Toronto*His mom's name was Lucy and his dad's name was Marc. When he was born he had one older sister and the later two younger brothers.


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