Henry V's: 1415 Campaign

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Henry V's: 1415 Campaign

Henry V's Campaign: 1415

In 1415, Henry V of England invaded France with the intent to capture Paris. Ultimately, the campaign ended much earlier than that, starting with the Siege of Harfleur and ending in English-controlled Calais

Time Line

August 13, 1415

Landing and Siege

On September 22, after a brutal siege that took the lives of many on both sides, Harfleur surrendered to Henry V, who would have men garrison the town before marching on. Henry V's army was plagued with illness as they began a grueling march.

Leaving on October 8, the English army left Harfleur, heading for English-controlled Calais to the Northeast. For the entirety of the march, the English were harassed by a large French army that followed them and continued to block their way until they met in the field of battle on October 25th.

Four days after Agincourt, Henry's tired but victorious army arrived at Calais after one of the most historical victories in military history. While Henry did not accomplish hia original task, he had dealt a major blow to the French. After a few more campaigns later, Henry would be declared King of France, only to die a few days after outside of Paris.

The battle took place near the town of Agincourt, in a field between two forests. Henry's army was now around 6,000 strong, versus around triple the number of French.

Henry V and his army won an amazing victory, with around only 400 casualties against the French 6,000. He took many French nobles hostage to be held for ransom to pay for the campaign.

Henry V landed on the shores of France with roughly 11,000-12,000 fighting men. A few days later the siege of the port city of Harfleur began.

Sept. 22,1415

Harfleur Surrenders

Oct. 8-241415

English March

Oct. 251415

Oct. 291415

Battle of Agincourt

Arrival at Calais


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