[2015] Natanya Kharat: Henry the Navigator by Natanya

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[2015] Natanya Kharat: Henry the Navigator by Natanya

Prince HenrytheNavigator1394-1460

1394Henry is born on March 4, 1394, in Porto, Portugal.

King John 1, Henry's father

This is a painted portrait of Henry

1415When Henry was 21 years old, he, his brothers and father captured pirates, who were destroying villages along the Portugese coast. After, they brought back a ton of gold and riches.

1418The Muslim rulers of Fez, a place in Morocco, and Granada, a kingdom in Spain, attempted to take control of the city, and Henry hastened to stop it.

1455Henry travels to Cape Verde.

Philippa of Lancaster, Henry's mother

1460Henry died in Sagres, Portugal (because of old age).

~Portugal sponsored Henry's voyages. ~Henry's original goal was to find a way to sail around Africa to get to Asia, and to also find the Christian Kingdom of Prester John. -He did this, and also set up a navigational school for sailors he sponsored Portuguese sailors for them to explore the African coast to try to navigate and travel around Africa to get to Asia. He also started the Transatlantic Slave Trade.~He discovered new lands including Cape Verde, Cape Blanc, Gambia River, and Cape Palmas. He also discovered a water route to Asia to trade with them.~Henry's discoveries (the new lands he discovered) were important because the water route he discovered (to Asia) was a good way to trade with Asia.~Henry dies of old age at the age of 65.

Facts: -1. His grandparents were John of Gaunt, Peter 1 of Portugal, Blanche of Lancaster and Teresa Lourenço 2. Henry's real name is Infante Henrique. 3. Henry sent a lot of sailing expeditions to Africa's west coast, but didn't go on them himself! 4. Henry was born during the Dark Ages (or near that time). 5. He got the name "Henry the Navigator" because he sent fourteen expeditions over to the "Sea of Darkness" (which is actually the Atlantic Ocean), trying to get past Cape Bojador.

Henry has been to many places, including Cape Bojador, Cape Blanc, and Gambia River.


This is a photo of one of Henry the Navigator's boats, called a caravel.


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