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Henry Purcell


Henry Purcell was a famous English composer in the 17th-century.He was one of the great composers of the Baroque period and he was born on 10 September 1659 in London, England.His father died when Henry was only 6 years old. Thomas Purcell (Henry's uncle) arranged for Henry to become a chorisiter at the Chapel Royal where he stayed until his voice broke. Soon after Henry's married in 1682 he was appointed organist of the Chapel Royal.He died on 21 November 1695.

Henry Purcell was called the "English Orpheus". And that's true. Henry Purcell is one of the best composers ever born.



Henry Purcell is one of the best composers for trumpet. Purcell has made dozens of etydes and songs for trumpet. Someone has calculated that Purcell has named 6 of his songs to "Trumpet Tune".

Purcell is said to have been composing at nine years old, but the earliest work that can be certainly identified as his is an ode for the King's birthday, written in 1670

Henry Purcell's influence and reputation

Henry Purcell

Image of Henry Purcell's the most famous Trumpet Tune's notes.

Henry Purcell

Purcell had a strong influence on the composers of the English musical renaissance of the early 20th century.Purcell's works have been catalogued by Franklin Zimmerman.In a 1940 interview Ignaz Friedman sayed that he considered Purcell as great as Bach and Beethoven. In Victoria Street, Westminster, England, there is a bronze monument to Purcell, sculpted by Glynn Williams and erected in 1994.

This is (in my opinion) one of the best songs of Henry Purcell's work. I don't know the name of it.



Henry Purcell's famous Trumpet Tune and Bell Symphony


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