Henry Parkes

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Henry Parkes

Henry pakes was born in Coventry in Warwick shine in England his Farther Thomas parkes was a farmer. Henry parkes was Born 27 may 1815 and He died 27 April 1896 Henry parkes had 16 children and he was married on the 11 of July 1836 to a woman named Clarinda. Henry Was a politician and a statesman. Little was known about His mother but she died in 1842 Henry parkes received little schooling so At an early age parkes was working on a rope walk Henry Parkes seemed to have had a few close friends during 1840s. During September 1850 parkes founded the empire the empire newspaper.


Was considered Father of the Australian Federation

Made the Australian federation happen and made peace within' Australia.He got to be a politician as his job and he wanted that.Had a beautiful wife her name was Clarinda and also had 12 lovley kids.Had a loving Mother and a caring father.

Lasting Impact

Henry Parkes made the Australian Federation happen.

Intresting Facts

Henry Parkes did a trmendous job of making australia unite as one so he went on the $5 bill

Henry Parkes

Henry parkes info

Sum Up

Henry Parkes Video


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