Henry Moseley

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Henry Moseley

Henry Moseley

Henry Moseley was a child of an professor, and biologist. He attended Trinity College, and University of Oxford. Moseley was able to edit Mendeleev’s periodic table so that it was more accurate. Instead of organizing the table according to atomic mass, he rearranged it so it was ordered by atomic number. Because of this, many mysteries of the order of elements were solved; elements like iodine could finally be placed in the correct spot. Moseley was also able to predict the positions of elements not yet known. The periodic table that Moseley created based on atomic number is the basis of the modern periodic table seen. In 1913, while working at the University of Manchester, Moseley observed and measured the X-ray spectra of various chemical elements obtained by diffraction in crystals. Through this he discovered a systematic relation between wavelength and atomic number. This discovery is now known as the Moseley’s law. When the first World War broke out he decided to enlist in the British Army. On August 10, 1915 he was shot dead during the Battle of Gallipoli, in Turkey.

Henry's father died when he was just a young boy, he was a biologist, and an professor,

November 23, 1887- August 10, 1915

Henry never married, or at least nothing was reported.

Henry is known for his contribution to the periodic table, and the creator of Moseley's Theory.


Henry was to be awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1916. Sadly, he was not given the award because he had died in 1915, and Nobel Prizes' are only awarded to those still alive.

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