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Henry Moore

From what is read alot of people say they enjoy his art, but they sometimes get bored of it. My personal opinion is that his art is a little weird. But some of the other people say is art is exellent and they never get tired of it.

Most Famous Work

1957- Small Seated Figure1961- Woman1967- Shelter Sketch Book1977- Reclining Figure Interior Setting1981-Three Sisters

Henry Moore's most famous sculpture is the, Large Reclining Figure. Which is also one of my favorite art pieces as well. The sculpture it's self is located in New Gardens, England.


Henry Moore was an english sculpter and artist. He was best known for his semi-abstract work.


Reclining Figure- Looks like he put a lot of work into it.Woman- Looks like he didn't put that much work into it.

Henry Moore

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