Henry Louis Le Chatelier

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Henry Louis Le Chatelier

Historical Happenings*His first research was in the chemistry of cements, and he discovered that the process of solution and solidification results in, coherent mass. *French mineralogist Ernest-Francois Mallard had helped Le Chatelier conduct experiements on explosive materials and this was his first published works of scientific research.*He is best known for Le Chatelier’s principle, which makes it possible to predict the effect a change of conditions will have on a chemical reaction, in 1884.

Henry Louis Le Chatelier


*Born in Paris, France on October 8, 1850.*Died in Miribel-les-Echelles, France on September 17, 1936.*Comes from a Roman Catholic family.*Married Genevieve Nicolas and had seven chilldren.

Le Chatelier conducted experiments on explosive materials. These studies led him to improvements in measuring high temperatures, based on the thermocouple principle. Which is shown below.


Photos of Contributions

*Le Chatelier had repeated the experiments of Antoine Lavoisier, and this is how he discovered coherent mass.*The experiments Le Chatelier had done with Ernest-France Mallard had led Le Chatelier to improvements in measuring high temperatures, on the thermocouple principle.


*In 1907, Le chatelier was elected to the French Academy of Sciences. *His name is included engraved on the Eiffel Tower in Paris in recognition of their contributions by Gustave Eiffel. *Membership in the French Academy Sciences, in 1907, and recieved the Jerome Ponti and Lacaze Prizes award.

Major Awards


*To the left shows the early work that led him to this experimental study of thermodynamics.*To the right shows the Le Chatelier Principle of the changing conditions


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