Henry Louis Le Chatelier

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Henry Louis Le Chatelier

Henry was born on October 8th, 1850.He died on september 17th, 1936.He was born in a Roman Catholic family so he had the privilege of getting an education. He attended College Rollin in Paris and after that he attended Ecole des Mines. He married Genevieve Nicolas in 1876 and they had seven children together.


1870-1871 - Served as lutenient in the Franco-Prussian war. 1875 - Earned science and engineering degree.1876- Married Genevieve Nicolas.1877 - Became a professor at Ecole des Mines.1884 - Developed the Le Chatelier Principle.

He cnducted experiments on exlosive materials and published his first work of scientific research. His studies lead him to finding improvements in measuring high temperatures.He perfected the coupeling of pure platinum which lead to the invention of the thermoelectric pyrometer, known as the “Le Chatelier.”He developed the Le Chatelier Principle.

Le Chatelier Principle

Chatelier made the "Le Chatelier Principle", which explained changes in equallibreum in chemical reactions. In other words it explained how changes in pressure, volume, concentration or temperature will effect the outcome of chemical reactions.


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Henry Louis Le Chatelier




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