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Henry Hudson

Hi, I am Henry Hudson. I was born in 1565 in England. I always wanted to be a sailor since I was a kid. I got the chance of a lifetime when I got sponsored by the Muscovy Company. Sadly, one sad sad day June 22, 1611, I passed on to the heavens.

Motives and Discoveries

I sailed my very first voyage in 1607 sponcered by the Muscovy Company. None of my crew from my first voyage came with me on my second voyage. On one of my voyages, my crew claimed to see a mermaid. Before my successful voyage, I had three unsuccessful voyages. I sailed to America and Canada. I traded with Indians and attacked them too. I went to Greenland and went into the Hudson Bay. My final voyage was in 1610.

I was the one who discovered the Hudson Bay and the first one to enter the Hudson Bay. I also named the beautiful Hudson River of New England. I seached for a Northeast Passage to Asia. I was also motivated by the Muscovy Company who hired me to try to search for the passage.

Lasting Impact

In the future generations, I hope to help the English establish a whaling industry. I also hope in the future that I provided new information on North American sailing routes. I also hope to help Euopeans get interested in North America.


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