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Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was born in England circa, 1500's. Like Columbus, Hudson was obsessed with finding new routes to Asia but instead, he ended up encouraging further settlement and exploration of North America. Hudson might have many places named after him yet there is very little information about his early life. It is believed that he first learned aboutthe seafaring life from either sailors or fishermen. Whichever one it was, he must've had a talent for it to become a commander in his late 20s. He also may have had a wife, Katherine, and three sons: John, Richard, and Oliver.


1500's - Henry Hudson is born1500's - Hudson gets married and has three sons1607 - Hudson makes first voyage with the Muscovy Company and was unsuccessful1608 - Hudson looks for northeast passage but with no luck1609 - Hudson tries for a third time but lands in New York and in a river now known as the Hudson River1610 - Hudson makes his final journey and discovers Hudson Bay1611 - Hudson's crew turns against him and leaves him to die in the sea, on a small boat

Henry Hudson finds the Hudson River in 1609 on his third voyage.Hudson also discovers the Hudson Bay in 1610 on the boat Discovery.

Lasting Impact

Henry Hudson inspires people to keep on trying and never give up





Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson is a famous explorer but he never found the passage he was looking for

Henry Hudson

Q: What did Hudson do to find the passage after he wasn't captain?A: He never actualy found the passage.Q: Where did he find it?A: Again, he never found the passage.Q: When did Hudson start his journey?A: Hudson had a total of four voyages in his lifetime. For the first one, he left in 1607. He tried again in 1608, and 1609. His final voyage departed England in April 1610.Q: Who was with Hudson in the small boat that was set adrift?A: It is said that John Hudson was with Henry Hudson in the boat but the rest of the crew members are unknown.Q: Why did Hudson want to be known for exploring at first?A: He wanted to find a different way to Asia where spices and riches were.

This land may be profitable to those that will adventure it." – Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson:Open-Minded and a Thinker

"You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren."– Henry Hudson

Hudson River


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