Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson

first voyage discovered whales bay that today bears his name second voyage brought important maps of the great barrier reef and photographs of the various people he met on the journey third voyage found large new york bay that today bears his name fourth voyage helped expand human knowledge with his explorations of the pacific ocean

Important events Born-1565Died-1611He is from England He was chosen by merchants of the dutch east india

He was the first explorer to discover the river that is now named after him it is called the hudson bay

Henry Hudson

He explored around the world because he wanted to find a northwestern passage to asia

first voyage the route was blocked by the great barrier reef second voyage he did not find the passage he was looking forthird voyage ice put an end to his journey fourth voyage mutiny on board nobody knows what happened to the captain

Voyages conflicts

Found on voyages


1607 - tried finding the northeast passage to china 1608 - tried finding the northeast passage to china 1609 - sailed icy seas of novaya zemla1610 - hudson bay and james bay regoins


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