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Henry Hudson

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My Exploration Routes

I was born In England, the United Kindom in 1565. When I was young I dreamed of finding a shorter route to the Orient. I sailed to the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, and around Africa when I was a little older. Nobody knows too much more about my early life.

In 1607, a trading company hired me to find a shorter route to the Orient. The ship I went on for this voyage was called the Hopewell. When my voyage on the Hopewell didn't work out, I had to retutrn home with my crew. In April, 1609, I sailed out again with my crew to find a shoter route on a ship called the Half Moon. On the Half Moon, I sailed with my crew to North America. I believed there was a river there that ran from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. By the end of 1609, I returned to England. For my third voyage, I set out with my crew on a ship called the Discovery.

On my second voyage in 1609 my ship was blocked by ice and my crew and I had to return home. In September of 1609, I sailed up a river in New York. The Native Americans wanted to trade with me and my crew. I ignored them and kept going, but some of my crew attacked them. On June 25,1610, I found what is now called the Hudon Bay. On June 21, 1611, my crew wanted to go home, but I wanted to keep going. They put me on a little boat along with my son and a few others. We had no food or water. I was never seen or heard from again.

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