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Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was as an English explorer and captain who sailed many voyages that provided new information on North Americans water routes. He was born in England in 1565. In his early life, he spent his career searching for different routes to Asia, but ended up coming to a further exploration and settlement of North America. May 1st 1607, Hudson, his son, and 11 other crew members sailed from England on the Hopewell. He and his crew went past Greenland toward the North Pole. They were working for an English trading company and were hoping to find a quicker way to get from England to the far East, by was of the Artic Ocean.


1565 - born1607- sail a Northern route to Asia 1609 - hired as a sailing captain to 1610 - Discovers Hudson Bay1611 - Died

1.He hired an English company called the Muscovy Company to find a Northwest passage to Asia.2. He sailed into what he thought was the Pacific Ocean, but it really was a very large bay, now known as the Hudson Bay3. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Hudson and his crew reached land, coming ashore at what is now Nova Scotia. They encountered some of the lacal Native Americans there and were able to make some trades with them.

Lasting Impact

Henry Hudson explored and named Hudson Bay in Canada, Hudson Bridge in New York, and Hudson river in America. In 1936, there was a big opening of the Hudson bridge to celebrate the more than 300 years after his exploration.


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Henry Hudson



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