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Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson studied navigation since his youth. He searched for a passage from Europe to the Orient. He also sailed north until he reached icy seas and the Svalbard archipelago. His 3rd northeast voyage was for the Dutch East India Company, but his northeast path was blocked by ice, so he sailed west toward the New World. Hudson found the modern day Hudson River, but he later realized the river would not take him to the Pacific. He was conducted by the British East India Company to sail further north than he had last voyage. He sailed to an area said to be the key to the fabled Northwest passage. Hudson also sailed through the Hudson Bay. He sailed deep into the southernmost extremities. When Hudson and his crew realized there was no passage to the Pacific in sight, his crew grew restless. After awhile his crew became fed up with Hudson and decided to leave him behind. Hudson's son and all of those who were sick with scurvy were forced into a lifeboat and set adrift in the bay. Although the crew returned to England, Hudson was never heard from again.

Henry Hudson

Time Period ~ 1609-1611

Henry Hudson's goal of exploration was to find a passage.

Henry Hudson's exploration contributed to the geographical knowledge we have today. Also his exploration led to colonization. Today cargos rely on the Hudson River for deliveries.

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