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Henry Hudson glog

Maxx's glog on Henry Hudson

We don't know when he was born.

Henry Hudson was an explorer who was trying to find a faster route to Asia.

He failed because he went too far south.

His mistake led to finding the Hudson River and then he became famous.

He tried this for a second time and this time he went close to the North Pole although he thought the top of the world was free of ice. He was wrong.

The glaciers were so huge he couldnt get through.

So he went back to England where he told stories of seeing massive whales.

This led to an English whaling company in Pittsburg.

Next the Muscovy Company lost interest in finding a better route to Asia.

In 1609 a Dutch company hired him to lead an exploration. He headed northeast but his crew got uneasy.

So he changed course to North America,then went by the Atlantic Ocean, then sailed down the east coast.

in 1610 a group of merchants made a company that provided Hudson with a ship called the Discovery.

He died in 1611.



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