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Henry Hudson


Here is 1 of the 4 Voyages:Henry Hudsons main adventureous life was to find the Northwest Passage. Henry set sail on his first voyage on May 1607. His boat at the time was called the "Hopewell' and his crew included his 16 year old son named John. As he sailed up towards Greenland, He found a island called Spitsbergen. As they were exploring around Greenland, they ran into a iceberg. Hudson searched up to 2 months to find another passage, but eventually turned back.

How the First Nations thought of Henry Hudson

1565~1570 Hudson was born in Engalnd.1607 First Voyage.1608~1610 3 voyages to find the Northwest Passage.1611 Never seen again and assumed dead.

The First Nations thought Henry Hudson was a great person. But they didnt really like his crew before the 1600's. Henry Hudson got along well with the First Nations.

Hudson made many fur trades with the First Nations and buying lots of land. Although, when he first met them, his crew didnt like them that much. But later in the 1600's they had a great connection. There wasn't alot of conflicts.

Conflicts with the First Nations

Questions and Answers

1.) When did he die?A: He died in June 12th 1611, they don't know how he died.2.)Did he have any children and was he married?A: He had 3 sons Oliver, John, Richard and his wife was Katherin.3.)What did he want to be when he was a kid?A: He wanted to be an explorer and navigator.

Henry Hudson!


More Information


Most of Henry Hudsonslife is unknown, but what we do know is that he wasborn in England and he wasdeclared dead on June 12,1611 (age 46). He was born around 1565.

The names of his 3boats were "Hopewell" "Discovery" andthe "Half-Moon".

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