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Henry Hudso

Henry Hudson, one of the most famous early explorers of North American, came to the shores of what is now New York searching for a northwest passage to Asia. While he never achieved his goal, his two North American voyages were the foundation of Dutch colonization of New York and Canada. Hudson's fate remains unknown, as he was marooned by his crew in Hudson Bay, Canada, in 1611, never to be seen again. Hudson's name remains as his legacy as many monuments are named aftir his name. Even some towns and schools carry his name.


1565- Birth Date Late 1500's- Marries Katherine Hudson and had had three sons called John, Richard and Oliver.1607- First voyage 1608- Second Voyage1609- Third Voyage 1610- Last journey

1607- The Muscovy Company of England hired Hudson to find a northern route to the Pacific coast of Asia. The English were battling the Dutch for northeast routes. He had a chance to explore new islands near Greenland, and found many whales that opened up new hunting territories.1608- Hudson was again set out to find Northeast routes. Hudson made it to Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean to the north of Russia, but ice stopped him from going any further.1609- Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company as a commander of the Half Moon. His goal was to discover northern routes to Asia. Ice stopped his travel, but he did not stop the journey. Hudson decided to sail west to the Atlantic Ocean. He reached Nova Scotia and was able to do some trading with the Aboriginals that lived there. Travelled down to the U.S.A. to explore the New York area. After, he travelled up a river that would later be called the Hudson River. On the way back to the Netherlands, he was caught at a port in England. There, he was forbidden to sail for other countries ever again.1610- This time, Henry hudson found British investors to fund his 1610 voyage. He captained the ship Discovery and made a journey across the Atlantic Ocean. They reached the southern tip of Greenland and travelled in what is now known as the Hudson Strait down to Hudson Bay(also named after Him). They travelled south to the James By and found themselves in a dead end, trapped by ice and low on supplies. The crew had to stay there for the winter. The next summer, the crew could sail back home, but Hudson was and a couple of others were left at the Hudson Bay. They died some time later.


-Hudson Straits-Hudson River -Hudson Bay-Hudson Stone-Henry Hudson Bridge


Henry Hudson


Henry Hudson Bridge

The Half-Moon



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