[2015] Amy Powlish: Henry Hudson

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[2015] Amy Powlish: Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson

LifeHenry Hudson was an English explorer who went on several sailing trips to help provide more new information on different routes in North American waters. He never found what he was looking for,but help open the door to further exploration and settlement of North America. There is little information on his earlier life but it is known that he was born in England in 1565.He was believed to be a fisherman at his young age and worked on different ships early on his career. He went on four famous voyages throughout his career.

The First Two VoyagesIn 1607, Hudson was to find a northern route to Asia as ordered by a English firm. He was joined by his son and Robert Juet. His crew and him ran into ice conditions. They explored some of the islands near Greenland then turned around because of the condtions.The next year they went looking for a northeast passage. They made it as far as Novaya Zemlya but then ran into an ice chuck again and had to turn around.


Fourth VoyageIn April 1610, Hudson went on the ship Discovery. They explored the Hudson Strait and the Hudson Bay. After this the crew became low on supplies and were trapped in the ice. This made the crew angry with Hudson so they decided to throw him out of the ship along with his son and other crew members. They were sent on a small boat and died.

Third VoyageThe following year he was named commander and took the ship Half Moon with him. Ice again blocked their travels, however this time they did not go back to home. He sailed west instead. Him and his crew went as far as Chesapeake Bay. He explored the river known as Hudson River up to Albany. On his way back he was stopped at Dartmouth and got his ship taken from him .


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