[2015] Damien Joyner: Henry Hudson

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[2015] Damien Joyner: Henry Hudson

Henry HudsonBy: Damien Joyner

LifeIn Hudson's early life not much is known. It is believed that he might have worked for his grandfather's offices. Later on he started working for a company called Muscovy. The company ended up paying him several times to go on voyages. After Hudson was fired from Muscovy he went to speak to a Dutch East India company. When he spoke with his friend, John Smith, he thought he might have found a northern passage. After he took his crew through an arctic storm, his crew mutinied him and he wasn't heard from ever again.

Some of Henry Hudson's contributions include finding the Husdon Strait, which is now an entrance place for all ships. He also found one of the largest bays, the Hudson Bay. He also found the Hudson River.


ChallengesHe had several negative run-ins with Indians. After he couldn't find the northeast passage the Muscovy company fired him. He had failed two voyages out of four. Out of all of his voyages he failed to find a passage to Asia, which was his main goal.

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DiscoveriesHe discovered the Hudson Bay Company. His discoveries helped form a foundation for Dutch colonization. He discovered the Hudson Strait, Bay and River.

Impact on WorldThe Hudson Strait became an entrance for all ships which let the Hudson Bay company grow in trade and influence. The Hudson Bay, Strait and River along, along with several cities are named after Hudson.

1565Hudson was born

1607Set out on his first voyage for Muscovy

1608Set out on his second voyage for a northeast passage

1609Sails for the Dutch East India company for the first time

1610Commissioned to find a north east passage again.

1610Died of mutiny by his crew after harsh sailing conditions


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