Henry Highland Garnet

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African-American History

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Henry Highland Garnet

Henry Highland Garnet

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The famous African American that I chose is Henry Highland Garnet. I chose him because he was an abolitionist, or a person that wanted a complete end to slavery.

Garnet was an abolitionist, activist, and minister that encouraged slaves to rebel against their owners, and gave speeches against slavery. He worked with people like William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass.

Garnet was famous because of his “Call to Rebellion” speech at the National Negro Convention; he wanted slaves to obtain their freedom by rising up against their slave owners. However, Garrison and Frederick were against this idea and the convention voted to not endorse, or approve the speech.

He lived from December 23, 1815 to February 13, 1882.

For example, today, people know that slavery is unethical, and that all humans are equal, but back then, men thought or used the excuse that God created beings to be ruled over by men like them. It’s morally wrong to treat other people in such a cruel way.

It’s important to study history because it is bound to repeat unless we learn from our mistakes.

7 Facts about Garnet

• He became well-known for his skills as an orator.• He also supported allowing blacks to emigrate to other lands, such as Liberia in Africa, a country made up mostly of freed slaves.

• Garnet became a pastor at the Shiloh Church in New York City.• He attended African Free school

•He was born into slavery, but escaped with his family to New York when he was 9•He became a Presbyterian minister and served as the first pastor of the Liberty Street Negro Presbyterian Church in Troy, New York, beginning in 1842.

In 1829 his family was pursued by slave hunters; only his family got away but his sister was captured.


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