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Henry Ford

The middle class expanded because of Ford's high wages. With more cars, people began traveling more so motels and shops were built. This is how the tourism industry was created. America became urban.

Henry Ford paid his workers $5 an hour. He hired workers in his factories that other bosses wouldn't hire such as the mentally ill or disabled people. Ford created the Ford Foundation to donate to education, and research..

The entire country benefitted from Henry Ford. When he perfected the assembly line, mass production was created and more items could be made for less money. The average man could now own a decent car. With more cars on the road, more gas stations had to be created and this led to more money for the economy. He economy had a great improvement.

Captain of Industry

Henry Ford

Ford is responsible for today's inexpensive personal transportation and the use of the assembly line in production.

A Great Change

Today's Influence

Country Benefits

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