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Henry Ford

Henry was very curious, because he liked to learn how machines worked. He was also persistent, because even though he failed many times, he would not give up. Even though Henry did not have a very good education, he was smart and built the Ford vehicle. Ford was strong, because he built his first car, (quadricycle) from scratch and nearly by hand.

* The first car Henry made was called a quadricycle.* His next car was a race car and was called the 999.* Henry was the first person to use mass production and the assembly line.* Brought the world the Model T and the Model A.* Made war vehicles for WW2.

Henry was born in a farm family, so he faced many hard challenges on the farm. Ford disliked farming, so he was happy when he got to go to school. Even though he went to school, he did not have a good education. Henry showed an early interest in moving parts, such as gears. He had his wind-up toys taken away from him, because he would always take them apart. Henry was about ten when he and some of his friends built a small mill.

Henry Ford Biography

Early Childhood

*Born on July 30th, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan* Married Clara Bryant and finds a home in Dearborn in 1888* Henry and Clara had a child, Edsel Ford, in 1893* Won his first car race in 1901* Lost race for U.S. Senate in 1918* Signed an agreement with the United Auto Workers Union in 1941* Died at age 83 on April 7th, 1947

Biographical Data


Model A

Model T

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

First tank built by Ford Industries in 1941 to help fight in World War 2

Information from: Henry Ford by Paul JosephHenry Ford by Michael Burgan

* He wasn't making cars fast enough to satisfy the people that wanted to buy them.* The Great Depression brought bad times to the Ford Industries.* The Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers sued Henry for not paying them.* Ford had some of his workers join unions or Communists and he had them fired, so he lost workers and less vehicles were being made.



* Ford built a motor and put it on a bike by himself.* He made more than one car.* He made army vehicles for WW2, such as tanks, trucks, and bombers.* Henry had a son, Edsel, but he died of cancer in 1943.

Ineresting Facts


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