Henry Ford

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Inventors and Inventions

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Henry Ford

Henry Ford

Brief Intro

Henry ford created the Ford Motor Company. He was one of the first to make a car that ran on gasoline. He was born on July 30,1863 on his fathers farm. He built his first car that could go without a horse in 1896, he was 33. It was called the quadrcycle.











Ford beats the top racer of the era with the car Ford created. He starts to gain interest and popularity.

The Ford Motor company is incorporated

$5 a day wages are set for 8 hours of work replacing $2.34 for 9 hours. 10,000 come for jobs the next day.

Ford helps in the war. They produce 38,000 model T cars/ambulances,7000 tractors,and 4000 plane engines.

Ford introduces the Model T. Demand for a car goes up. He sells 15 million Model T cars

Ford runs for senate in the U.S. government. He is not voted in

Ford starts a movie buisness. His first movie is "How Henry Ford Makes 1000 Cars a Day".

Ford makes its first truck. It is small but is very popular.

Ford introduces its trademark logo. It has changed over the years to the modern version

Ford starts a sales branch in Paris. They now have expanded to multiple continents.

Tech Advancing:

Fords Highland park begins operating the first assembly line in the world. It will employ 13000 men and revollutionized the industry world.

Tech Advancing:

Though ford didnt invent the moving vehicle, he was one of the first to use gasoline to power a car. This started a wave of invintions powered by gas.

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By: Keegan Edge


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