[2015] Angelissa Guiterrez (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Henry Ford: The Model-T

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[2015] Angelissa Guiterrez (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Henry Ford: The Model-T

The Model-T

It All Started With This

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Growing Up

Fun Facts

Henry Ford: The Model-TBy Angelissa Gutierrez

As a child, Henry Ford spent most of his free time on the Ford Farm. Henry’s father, William Ford, worked in his workshop while Henry’s mother, Mary Ford, spent her time doing chores and taking care of Henry’s other siblings. Henry was the oldest child, with his younger siblings, John, Margaret, Jane, William Jr., and Robert Ford. When Henry was 7 years old, a farmer showed Henry how a watched worked, and Henry was fascinated by the watch. He explored more mechanical devices such as small wind up toys. As time flew by, Henry was 12 years old when something terrible happened to the Ford Family. Mrs. Ford passed away when she had her 7th child, and sadly the baby died too. As he said later in his life,“I thought a great wrong had been done to me when my mother died”. In addition, Henry’s father took Henry to Detroit, Michigan and on the way Henry met another farmer who had a steam engine on a wagon. Once again, Henry was very curious and wanted to know more about it, so the farmer explained how it worked. Since then, Henry Ford knew her wanted to dedicate his life to building self powered vehicles. He wouldn’t have been the same without his childhood experiences.


Lasting Impact

In 1903, Henry Ford decided that he would create his own company, The Ford Motor Company. This is why he was the extraordinary person we know today. After testing the Quadricycle, Henry wanted to go even further than that. He decided to improve the Quadricycle and called it the Model-A. Ford wasn’t quite satisfied with the results, so he decided to work on a new model. He spent a couple years trying to improve the Model-A. It finally came to mind in 1909. Henry Ford created the famous Model-T. Ford sold the Model-T as low as $850. Compared to other automobile companies, that was the lowest price around, and the other automobile companies only made it possible for the wealthy people to own an automobile. The Model-T was a big hit and Henry Ford knew this was going to be huge.

Henry Ford said that buyers could buy any Ford car, “as long as it was black” because black paint dried faster back then. Henry Ford was friends with Thomas Edison, John Burroughs, and  Harvey Firestone. They became known as the Four Vagabonds. Henry Ford tried to create an airplane, since he thought there wasn’t really a difference between cars and airplanes. Henry Ford sold Model-Ts in England in 1911, and dealers sold Ford cars from Russia to Brazil and many points in between.   Henry Ford ran for U.S Senate, didn’t spend a dime, and almost won.   The Dearborn Independent, also know as the The Ford International Weekly, was established in 1901 as a weekly newspaper article. It was published by Henry Ford 1919 through 1927.

"Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently". These are the words Henry Ford once said when things didn't come out as planned. He never gave up and always thought of a way to improve things. Henry eventually created his first automobile, the Model-T. Henry Ford always had that passion for mechanics and automobiles since the day he was born. Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 on the Ford Farm in Dearborn, Michigan. As stated, Henry loved automobiles and mechanical objects and he studied them at a young age which helped him with his future accomplishments. He was a kind, fair, and peaceful man who thought everyone should be treated the same way. Ford sold the Model-T at a very low price that not only the wealthy people could own the Model-T, but other people could have a chance to own one too. Sadly, Henry Ford died April 7, 1947 in his birthplace in Dearborn, Michigan. People will always remember him as a fair, kind, and peaceful man.

His Last Years

Years passed, and Henry became very sick. In 1938, he suffered a stroke. By this time, Edsel Ford was named president of the The Ford Motors Company. A couple years later in 1941, Henry suffered another stroke, and a year later Edsel developed stomach cancer. Edsel died in 1943, and Henry suffered a great loss. Things became worse after that. Henry took over president again after Edsel . When Henry got really sick, his family encouraged him to let Henry Ford the Second take over as president. Henry Ford's health began to worsen and he spent his last few years at his home in Dearborn. One day, when Henry was in his bed, a blood vessel broke in his brain. He began coughing violently and all of the blood was going to his brain. Henry was soon dead at 11:40 on April 7, 1947 at the age of 83. All those years creating more Ford cars came up to what Ford Motors Company is today. And as Henry Ford always said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” That is what he did.

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Henry Ford’s love for mechanical devices led him to leave high school at the age of 16. He wanted to learn more about engines and manufacturing. Along the way in 1885, Ford was at a dance and met Clara Bryant and married her in 1888. As Henry learned more about engines and manufacturing, in 1893, Henry met Thomas Edison and Edison discovered how intelligent Henry really was. Edison employed Henry and he became the Chief of the Edison Illuminating Company. That same year on November 3, Henry and Clara had a healthy baby boy named Edsel. Ford had a workshop behind his house and he spent some time building gas engines there. Henry was ready to test the engine he was currently working on, the Quadricycle. Ford was about to start the engine until he realized that the engine wouldn’t fit through the door. He asked somebody to make the space bigger, and so they did. When Henry finally got to test the engine, it worked! Ford was not satisfied though. He improved the Quadricycle, and by that time, it was 1889. Ford was ready to leave the Edison Illuminating Company and start his own business.


Since then, Henry Ford made a huge impact on other’s lives, and not only because of the Model-T, but for peace and fairness, too. Henry Ford once said, “Preparation for war can only end in war”. He tried to avoid war, and many people liked that. Some Americans wanted Ford to be president, but Henry refused. When president Woodrow Wilson asked Henry Ford to be U.S Senate for the state of Michigan, he accepted and ran for U.S Senate in the state. Henry lost by a slight number of votes, but it was worth trying. Henry affected the automobile. He created a new type of car, a much better car. In 1927, Edsel encouraged Henry to make a new car model, so he did and named it after his old car, the Model-A. I personally love how Henry Ford created the Model-T and the Model-A, because I knew that without him, cars wouldn’t be the same.I learned a lot from Henry Ford when I was researching him. Along the way, I noticed that I learned that Henry Ford  was very persistent, which meant that he never gave up, and he always found a way to make things better. When the Model-A didn’t come out as Henry expected, he found a way to improve it and made the Model-T. In addition, Henry Ford encouraged others to do these things, too. Henry Ford impacted my life because when I’m in Quest, sometimes I get frustrated when things don’t turn out as planned. After what I learned about Henry Ford, I always find a way to make things work, and not get frustrated as I used to.

1863- Born July 30, 1863 1876- Mrs. Ford died when she gave birth to her 7th baby, who also died too. 1879- Moved to Detroit to learn more about engines and manufacturing. 1885- Henry met Clara Bryant and began dating her. 1888- Married Clara Bryant 1891- Moved to Detroit and learned about electricity to improve the gas engine. 1893- Henry’s son, Edsel Ford was born. 1896- Was ready to test his 1st vehicle, the Quadricycle. Henry talked to Thomas Edison and improved the Quadricycle. 1901- Ford entered a race with the automobile and beat the legendary Winton. 1903- The Ford Motor Company is open for business and debuted the Model-A. 1908- All of Henry’s ideas came together and created the Model-T. 1912- Produced more than 65,000 Model-Ts with the assembly line. 1918- Ran for U.S Senate in Michigan and almost won and made Model-Ts for military use. 1919- Named Edsel president of the company. 1927- Made a new model with his old car’s name, the Model-A. 1928- Began building the Henry Ford Museum to display his collections. 1938- Henry suffered a stroke. 1941- Henry suffered another stroke. 1942- Edsel Ford developed stomach cancer. 1943- Edsel Ford died and Henry felt a tremendous loss.



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